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Volume 13 | Targeted Topic - Sports Medicine in Athletics | 2024
Volume 13 - Targeted Topic - Sports Medicine in Athletics

The modern Olympic Games were reinstated in Athens in 1896, based on the idea of organizing a peaceful and mutually respectful athletic event where nations of the world could get together, free of their political differences, to celebrate intercultural communication through sport. Widely regarded as the most prestigious sporting event globally, the Olympics constitute a festival-replete with ceremonies and symbols that exalt performance and friendly competition.  For athletes worldwide, the Olympics represent a transformative life experience, bringing them together in a single location. For spectators, it is an emotional experience of winning or losing, where heroes are born, and often, stars stumble.

In 2024, the Olympic Games are hosted in France for the third time. Paris, famously known as “La plus belle ville du monde” is assuming a central role in orchestrating these Summer Olympic Games.

The Olympic Games are unique because they honor the value of excellence, friendship, and respect. They are also unique because the pinnacle is Olympic success, inspiring images of victory and dreams of eternal glory in which athletes overcome all obstacles to find themselves in the spotlight for their sporting achievements.

The Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal is honored to contribute to the celebration of the Olympic movement, and as such, we have decided to publish three dedicated Olympic issues of the Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal this year.

In selecting a guest editor for this Olympic-themed issue, which seeks to celebrate the 2024 Games in France and the epitome of these Games – Athletics - it is imperative that the chosen individual possesses a profound passion for Athletics and the Olympic Games.

Aspetar is privileged to present three esteemed Guest Editors who embody this profile, bringing forth extensive experience and boundless enthusiasm for Athletics and the Olympic Games. Juan-Manuel Alonso, MD, PhD, a Spanish-trained consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine, has been an integral part of Aspetar since May 2013. Widely recognized as one of the finest medical experts in Athletics, his illustrious career includes serving as the Medical Director of the Spanish Athletics Federation from 1996 to 2013 and chairing the IAAF Medical and Anti-doping Commission from 2003 to 2015. Dr. Alonso's impressive attendance as a doctor at seven Summer Olympic Games and eleven World Outdoor Athletics Championships, along with his role as the Medical Director at the IAAF World Athletics in Doha 2019, underscores his vast experience and expertise in Athletics. His significant contributions are further reflected in the numerous scientific papers he has published in prestigious journals within our field. In his native country Spain, he has been awarded “The Medal of the Royal Order of Sports Merit”. 

Paul Dijkstra MD, DPhil, is a consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine working in Aspetar since 2013. In 2015 he was appointed as Aspetar Director of the Medical Education department. Paul has vast experience in athletics. Before joining Aspetar he was Chief Medical Officer for UK Athletics for both the Beijing and London Olympic Games, as well as several World and European Championships in athletics (including Osaka 2007, Berlin 2009, and Daegu 2011 IAAF World Championships in Athletics). He was Assistant Chief Medical Officer to the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Doha, 2019. Paul has published many papers in high-level peer-reviewed journals. Paul recently completed a DPhil in Evidence-Based Health Care degree at the University of Oxford and is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine, Qatar.

Professor Jenny Jacobsson works clinically as a sports physiotherapist in Stockholm, Sweden. She has held pivotal roles within the Swedish Athletics Federation since 1997, contributing significantly as head physiotherapist in numerous international athletics championships and the Olympic Games. Currently, Jenny holds a position as an associate professor in Public Health Sciences at Linköping University. Her current areas of research include epidemiology, the prevention of overuse injuries and strategies for knowledge transfer “how to make sports research more available to practice”. In 2022 Jenny was awarded the Swedish Athletics Silver Medal of Merit, and in 2023, the European Athletics Women's Leadership Award.

Our Guest editors, Juan-Manuel Alonso, Paul Dijkstra and Jenny Jacobsson, have done a great job. I would like to thank them sincerely for their time and hard work. I am grateful to all the authors for their valuable contributions to this excellent targeted topic issue.

Prof Nebojsa Popovic MD PhD



Volume 13 | Targeted Topic - Sports Medicine in Athletics | 2024
Volume 13 - Targeted Topic - Sports Medicine in Athletics

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