How often is the Journal released?

Every 2 months.

How can I contact the Journal office?

All our details are on our Contact page.

Can I subscribe to the printed Journal?

Unfortunately we are no longer taking subscriptions for the printed journal. However, all of our content is available for free on this website.

How can I submit an article to your Journal or website?

Due to the unique nature of our published content, we do not accept completed papers that have not been commissioned. If you think you have an idea for a must-read paper that would fit our Journal, email journal@aspetar.com. We'll then chat to you about your idea and if we like it, we’ll send through our Author Guidelines.

How can I advertise in the Journal or on the website?

Email journal@aspetar.com

How can I get my upcoming conference publicised in the Journal?

Send an email to journal@aspetar.com

Who’s behind the Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal?

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Nebojsa Popovic
Managing Editor and Designer: Ivan Stankovic

How can I find out more about Aspetar – Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital?

Visit their website www.aspetar.com

I’d like to work at Aspetar. How can I get a job?

That’s not surprising – it’s a great place to work. Visit the hospital’s careers page.

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