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Volume 12 | Targeted Topic - Sports Medicine in Padel | 2023
Volume 12 - Targeted Topic - Sports Medicine in Padel

Padel, a sport combining elements of tennis, squash, and badminton, has been gaining popularity at a rapid pace in recent years. Already very popular in Qatar the game is quickly attracting new players. However, despite its growing popularity, there has been a significant lack of scientific research and literature on injuries and injury prevention specific to Padel. At Aspetar, we have seen an increase in the number of Achilles tendon ruptures among local recreational Padel players. This is a concerning trend, as Achilles tendon injuries can be debilitating and take a long time to heal.


As a Sport Medicine Journal, we believe it is important to raise awareness about this issue and provide valuable insights and information to both Padel players and sport medicine professionals.


In light of this trend, I have invited Cristiano Eirale MD PhD, specialist in sport and exercise medicine to be the Guest Editor for this targeted topic of Aspetar Sport Medicine Journal.


This is a very difficult task for our Guest Editor to provide scientific valuable information on the specific injuries and injury prevention strategies for Padel players, due to the very limited published literature.


Dr Cristiano Eirale is passionate about Padel and he is a leading member of the young International Padel Medical community.


He has assembled a team of colleagues from around the World, who are passionate about the game, to provide insights on sports science and medicine in Padel.







In addition to all these papers on Padel sport science and medicine, I have also included a supplement section titled “Editor-in-Chief’s Bonus Content” at the end of this issue, with four excellent papers on sport science, sport rehabilitation, sport injuries prevention, and sports medicine, to complete this issue of the Aspetar Sport Medicine Journal.


Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal’s philosophy has always been that as well as the quality of information, presentation is also crucial. That is why we take pride in the design of our publication. To enhance the aesthetic appeal of this issue, we are honoured to have renowned Qatari art photographer, Madame Moudhi Al Hajri share her art with our readers. She has kindly agreed to provide her art free of charge and we are confident that her photographs will add an extra layer of interest and enjoyment to this edition. The double- page spreads of her work throughout this issue not only beautifies the journal but also provides a visual representation of Qatar and its culture to our readers.


I would like to thank our Guest Editor, Dr Cristiano Eirale, for his outstanding work, as well all the authors for their contribution and hard work which has made this issue possible. We believe that this targeted issue on Padel Medicine will provide valuable information and insight for players, sport medicine professionals and anyone else interested in Padel.


I would also like to express my gratitude to Madame Al Hajri for her generous contribution.


I hope that you will enjoy this issue and find it as informative and engaging, as ever.


Nebojsa Popovic MD PhD



Volume 12 | Targeted Topic - Sports Medicine in Padel | 2023
Volume 12 - Targeted Topic - Sports Medicine in Padel

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